Saturday, May 8, 2010

Faisal Shehzad.... mistake, plan or policy

Now a days Faisal shehzad, a pakistani-american nationality holder is in the news all over the world. although he is also american national but as he was invloved in terrorist activity so it is more pakistani national. There is no doubt in the efforts of pakistan army, nation and people of pakistan but americans are still not satisfied. I today heared in news that hillary clinton has threatened pakistan that no more attacks from pakistan or being planned in pakistan will be bearable.
           The point here is that we have almost destroyed our country after 9/11. there is no more such terrorist activity in america after that because we are facing all that. we are giving a cover to america. we are diverting the attention of the terrorist. i dont say that we are totall clean. we have problems. but it doesnt mean that we are terrorists. i always says that muslims are not terrorist but unfortunately all known terrorists are muslims. There is also a possiblity that only those terrorists are recognized who are muslim.
          I have read and heared a lot about Faisal shehzad in last 4-5 days. there are many confusion which are notified by some west columnist, journalists. He caught, he didnt applied to get any of citizen rights, he didnt applied for any lawyer which most of west citizen do when caught in any case, he confessed very quickly although he didnt mentioned any link to any jihadi or terrorist organization. Americans are geting very deeply into this. i hope so that they wont think that it could be the result of drone attacks, anti muslim policy of americans and many more reasons which are there to motivate any young man to do such things. Islam is nothing to do that. In Islam anger is the biggest anemy of muslim. but anger is the nature of human beings.
        The thing that world has to understand that we are becoming an angry nation as there is nothing to cool us down. There is a fight for every basic need of people in pakistan. health, education, food, living, earning  every thing is getting tough and tough. So what a hungry, angry man can do. We are nuclear power but there is a shortage of electricity in Pakistan, due to electricity factories, mills are closing down. people's earning has decreased and basic necessities are getting expensive. I have heared that such situations are only in the state of war. So what should be expected from a nation in war. But if one person out of 18 karore pakistani caught invloved in any terrorist activity then whole nation is blamed to be terrorist. If such terrible conditions happens to any civilized country then he would have been converted to whole terrorist nation till now. but we are ALhamdullilah still good muslims not terrorist.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lack of power or leadership?

I have listened from many newschannels, newspapers, articles and talk shows that there is no lack of power in pakistan. We have surplus energy to meet our demands. but all this drama is plotted to take the rental power. Being a Pakistani citizen, i also thinks like other pakistanis that govt is more interested in taking rental power than resolving the issue of loadshedding. no body is going to believe what minister says as we are now used to of their historical sayings. :). i have also read and listened that many other countaries, engineers, espcialist have tried to gave the govt many alternatives to overcome the situation but all in vain. i bpersonally think that we have lack of leadership. there is no such leader in the country who is capable enough to resolve the issue. every body is just arranging meetings, creating number of commitees and teams to know whats going on. but there is no solution to the problem two days ago, one major meeting endid in concluding that markets will be closed at 8 and two days off in week for govt sector. I once again thought that are we so developed that we should take rest two days a week. we are far far behind from the world. we are still start using computer form a computer whose life was ended in the developed countries. they throw em and we accept em. we have to work 10 days out of 7 days to compete em but we are working 5 days. another decesion by our great leaders. and if the situatino worst out we may not work thoughout the week. thats the way to lead the world.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Pakistani nation has been bearing a lot of blasts since a couple of years but a blast in islamic international university completely quivered not only the entire nation but also whole international community.especially student community in pakistan has gone through a huge jerk….now the limits have been crossed of these inhumane activities….a group of students were not taking the blasts in country seriously but now each and every person has a absolute and severe hatred in their hearts for these so called “taliban”.now they have attacked fresh blood of our we the youth strongly condemn their act.and we want our country get rid of these wild people…

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rah e Nijat.

pakistan Army has started new and final but the toughest mission named Rahe Nijat. It is started right after the deadly attacks of TTP. Three attacks in lahore. 1 attack on GHQ rawalpindi. Blast in Islamabad and peshawar cleared the way for the operation. This time all political parties and all the nation is with Pakistan army as the blood shed of innocent people in last week make the people feel insecure. Now we all should pray for our brave army to do his best. Waziristan is the major hide out of famours TTP leaders. They have strongholds in that large area. Waziristan is the largest Agency of FATA with respect to area. Its really tough to control that area but they have prayers of 17 million people and inshallah they will succeed.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Black Water

Now a days there are a lot of rumors about Black Water which is now known as Xe. We all have read a lot about it in different articles, newspapers, news channels or talk shows. But most of us are still confused about this at all. I, Myself is also confused about its presence, its significance and its area of operation. 

As far as i came to know about what is black water. It is a private army which is US based and is used for illegal operations by World powers. All those dirty works which does not suits to a legal army of any country are the tasks for BW. It is also known as the most richest army of the world increasing a lot lot every year. Criminals are also part of that network. Offcourse, illegal works are done beautifully by illegal personals. According to some people as an author of the book " Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army" recently gave hints about the presence of that deadly, richest army in Pakistan. The author also said BW as cristian al Qaeda who has the task to kill muslims and sabotaj muslim states. No body knows from when they are operating and what are their aims and goals, but its not hard to say that they dont have good intentions. Our political parties never talked on that issue, either they dont know :)  or they dont want to know. Governing party is playing as former govts of Pakistan but this time the role of opposition parties is also not satisfatctory. Nation is in deep concern about those news. They want to know the truth. They want to know whats going on. They want to know whether current government or upcoming govt or govts have any potential to stop all that. Whether any of them has the courage to say the First NO to world power against the soverenity of Pakistan. As far as i know, There is no such thing. So i think we should do some thing ourself to save our country. Because no body seems to have interest in this country. If you have any thing known to this things, Do let me know.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Its not over Yet... Another Bomb Blast

Today, a few hours befor, another blast is heared in surrounding of Misrial Chowk adjacent to Peshwar Mor. According to eye witnessess, it was a suicide attack. A biker banged his bike into a Car near police Check post. Casualities or Injuries are yet to be confirmed. A lot of noise of the police and ambulances can be heared from a distance of that area.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Baitullah Mahsood------ Dead

Another mile stone acheived or another fight has begun. Yet difficult to say or conclude. But it seems that Pakistan Army has successfully hit the backbone of TTP. Baitullah was the name of a power, blessing, wisdom for taliban fighters in Pakistan and on the other side it was the name of traitor, Looter, Brutal Murderer. Only peoples from that area knows what he was. Was he a muslim? Was he a pakistani? Where he came from ? From where he got so much money to purchase weapons? Who was behind him that his supply of arms never broken? Who supported him?
There are many such question which are yet to be solved. But Baitullah is no more here to answer these questions. We have many stories, many discussions in this regard. But who knows what is fact... Pakistan Army once again showed that he is capable of doing things which are not possible by any other army in the world. Gorrilla war with taliban is tasted by americans too. But the strength of Taliban in Afghanistan is increasing day by day. American army, fully equipped, fully supported with heavy airforce is not capable of winning the war in afghanistan. But Pakistani Army has shows once again that it is the true care taker of the borders. Wether there is desert or river, mountain or forests, Army knows how to defend, how to protect and how to give and take lives. I salute those Army men who gave their precious lives to protect us. May Allah gave them place in Heaven. Ameen